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Monomoy is a private, not for profit agency whose purpose is to provide a variety of social service, childcare and financial support resources for residents of the Town of Chatham. The scope of those services changes with the needs of the constituents and is defined by community outreach, extensive needs assessment and ongoing research into the challenges facing our remarkable seaside village.

Monomoy is dedicated to promoting a healthy social environment for Chatham residents of all ages.  Staff and Administration strive to provide services that are primarily preventative by design, but when the need for crisis or emergency intervention arises, Monomoy is also skilled at assembling community-based support programs and services to address those needs in a timely manner. Goals of prevention include maintaining the integrity of family relationships, enhancing the mental and social development of individuals, and helping families cope with the stresses of society and the environment.

Monomoy believes that effective prevention results from active understanding and timely diffusion of potential problems. One of Monomoy’s greatest strength lies in its ability to effectively respond to the changing needs of the community.


For the past 50 years, Monomoy Community Services has been at the heart of mental health and support services for the residents of Chatham. What has come to be known as the Monomoy Youth and Family Center, began in the late 60’s. First simply a “hot line” in a local church, it has expanded to become a vital community non-profit resource, dedicated to providing quality recreational, informational, and counseling services for Chatham families.

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